10 Great Ideas for a Moms’ Night out for $10 or less

Waking 6 o’clock in the morning to the voice of your crying baby (or your husband’s call for bed

tea) is a sign that another hectic day has begun. You immediately head towards the kitchen to

prepare morning meal for your family, and then spend all morning, keeping the sleep

essentials, kid’s toy, and other things in their proper places. Before you know it, its lunch time

and you have to work a few hours through afternoon nap time.

A couple of more hours of work, and then it’s time to say good night after serving supper and

putting family members to bed! This is the daily routine your mom (or wife) has to live in. This

must be tiring; therefore, you need to step in to give her some hours of relaxation and

enjoyment because she needs this every now and then to feel good and refreshed. This is for

her good heath!

Here are 8 Great Ideas for a Moms’ Night out for $10 or less

Have fun!

1. Window shopping

Head out to a shopping mall in your vicinity, and there grab a bucket full of nuggets and have it

while walking through the fashion stores (window shopping). This is something you might have

done many years back; well before the arrival of little princess (or princess) in your life. It is a

stress-free and a cash free idea, as there is no pressure to buy anything.

2. Wine night

Women love drinks and food, don’t you? Talk to your friends and plan a wine night out. Many

bars frequently arrange dance wine nights only for women’s, where they can have cocktails and

live life to the fullest. Or, if the above is not possible, then have a wine party in your house


3. Walk and talk

The summer morning is the best time to stroll around the park to relish the beauty of nature:

the charming flowers, the fresh breeze, and the chirpy birds.

4. Join the Zumba classes

Make your free time count by joining the Zumba classes; it is more like a dance than a fitness

exercise. You will love doing this for hours!

5. Events in the town

Summer is a season of concerts, festivals, games, etc. Read the local newspapers and browse

through several social media platforms to know whether there is any fun event going on (or

going to) in the town free of cost? Don’t let any opportunity to get out of your hands.

6. Home spa

Every woman wishes to look most beautiful in the world, even the one having 3 children.

Pedicure, manicure, and face mask are some of the common ways to elevate your outer

texture. But, these all are costly, beyond the reach of most housewives.

If you are also on the same page, then home spa is best to enhance your beauty without

burning a hole in your husband’s pocket. Learn online how to manicure and the pedicure, or

invite a beautician at home.

7. Play putt putt

Putt Putt is a fun activity and especially without your little one as you don’t have run around

chasing their ball. It will hardly cost you 7 to 10$ per day! But, Want to save more? Then, Get a

games club membership or find coupons online. Not only putt, you can try other activities like


8. Be a host for an in-house sale

There are many in-house sale companies which pay the house owners, those who allow them

to put a sale in their house. You can get in touch with one such company online or newspaper

advertisement. Invite your friends as if you hosting an evening serve snacks and drinks to your

guests. And if your friend makes purchases, you might end up getting some extra dollars (or a

free gift).

9. Dancing

Ask your husband to plan something else outside the house on a weekend night to have some

quality time with your friends. At home, the crowd is less and you can dance to the tune of your

favorite song without any hesitation.

10. Do charity

Doing charity can give you the feeling of pleasure and utter satisfaction that no other activities

can. Motivate your friends to join hands for a better world by visiting homes in your locality to

collect books, warm clothes, and money for the children living in the orphans.

11. Canvas Painting

This is one heck of an enjoyment, if you are at a right place. The studio and the instructor

should be great to have a fabulous night; show your skills whatever you have and don’t shy to

make the worst painting in your group. This activity won’t cost you much hardly 5 $ for 2 hours.

But, before stepping into any studio in your town, search well on the internet and read reviews

about various painting studios in your state to avoid a horrible outing.

At last, pamper yourself

As a mom, you often feel it is your duty to take care your kids and family 24*7. But, spending

some time on self is also crucial to live a happy life. Try one or two ideas for the above to enjoy

fun time without disturbing your month expenses budget.

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