10 Ideas for Cheap Summer Fun

Summer is surely the best time of the year. After all, the weather is sunny bright, the schools are closed and the

beaches are ready to give you a warm welcome. Overall, the summer months are ideal to sit and relax back home

in the chilliness of the air conditioner. But, unfortunately, the summers may become really boring for most,

because relaxation is good for one or two days, but not for a month or two. Therefore, finding ways to stay

entertained is tough, and particularly when you have a constrained budget.

If you are currently looking for a job and (or) paying off your debts, you definitely do want to shell out a lot of

money on this summer vacation. But, not at the expense of fun!

Take a look at these below listed ideas which will help you to enjoy your holidays without breaking your bank


Let’s have some fun!

Free concert

While you might not able to attend the hottest concert in your town, you can still fix a date with one which is good.

After all, what’s better than a summer night listening to music? There are many free concert opportunities you can

enjoy. Grab a lawn chair and ask your musicians in your friend group to have a night out.

Outdoorsy- plan one

Sitting in your sofa for days can freeze your mind and sure to make your summer the most boring time of the year.

All you need is some fresh air to feel productive and energized. Have a walk in a state park early in the morning or

late in the evening when sun rays are less intensive. Grab your hiking boots and set out on a trip.

Slip and Slide

What about slip and slide, its real fun, you must have done in your childhood. This summer take a challenge to try

slip and slide. Get creative and innovative to make traps and force your buddies to have a go. This will be more fun,

if you have a hilly backyard.

Chill yourself with a homemade ice cream

Ice cream is a summer essential, and especially if you are a foodie. So, what could be more fun than preparing your

own ice cream and serving it to your family and friends? And, surprisingly you don’t need a professional ice cream

churner. Either, you don’t need to spend the bucks on the recipe. Most of the ingredients might be there in your

pantry. Invite your friends over and make a bash out of it.

Dye your old clothes

Have some old clothes hanging in the cupboard? All you need is a dye kit and some food coloring powder to turn

your old cloth into a price of art. Let your creativity fly to the fullest!


Heat and humidity may have some bad effects on your health. How to stay fit? Yoga, take a bed sheet and walk out

into the shade and do yoga for 30 minutes.

Start a blog

Start a blog not only to keep your brain active in summer, and also to earn some dollars. Pick a topic of your choice

the travel niche, the cooking niche; you can express yourself in any domain. You don’t need to kill your wallet to

buy a domain name and hosting, at first make your blog live on a free hosting site. And, moreover, you don’t need

to be a professional writer, decent English grammar skills will work fine. You only need a laptop and an internet

connection to bring your idea to life.

Learn a foreign language

Just because it’s vacation, you don’t have to stop learning. Choose a language of your interest, and start learning.

Again, all you need is a computer (or Smartphone) and internet connection. Free apps like the Duolingo will help

you learn a new language free of cost, don’t have to join a vocational course institute.

Be a bartender for a day

If you and your friends are wine enthusiasts, then become a bartender at a local bar. You will also get some money

for your bartending skills. Or, you can enjoy cocktails at home, why to waste hard earned money on drinks in the

best bar in the town. Go online and try a few cocktail tricks.

Show your craft

Find a hobby that you can practice throughout the summer. For instance, learn to tie bracelets to pass time and to

learn a new skill. Plus, you can display your work as a showpiece on the center table to grab the attention your

guests. Give your best work to your family members and friends.

Let’s walk out

Your summer doesn’t need to be boring just because your little tight on money. Take advantage of the all the

above ideas, as some of the cheapest ideas, could end being your best for many years to come by.

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