The Best Summer Side Hustles for Making Extra Cash

Most individual in their late twenties will probably say that living within a constrained budget is

easy; if you had asked them some years come years, maybe two decades back. But, now it’s

virtually impossible, even with a full-time job, as for most, their earnings are incapable to meet

their expenses. And, those expenses have also increased at a dramatic pace thanks to inflation

and your ever-rising desires. In fact, most of us don’t shy to run in debts for full filling our

wishes. However, there is a way out-get a part time job.

Getting a side job is easy, but that doesn’t guarantee immediate extra dollars (or a lot of

money) in your pocket. They can often mean hard work, less pay, and bites out a considerable

amount of your precious time. In fact, not just the valuable time, but it also takes away your

many hours of comfort from your weekends. However, if you are smart, you can stay away

from the muddle of credits and still meet your necessities. Or, can even turn your part job into

a full-time career.

Below are a few easy yet effective ideas to make money from your side hustle

The most reliable job

Many probably don’t want to fry and flip hot dogs in their spare time, but arguably it is one of

most reliable part time profession. You can take benefit from the fact, most of us don’t want to

work evenings and on weekends, take this opportunity to grab some extra dollars. You can

expect to make roughly 7$ per hour, and this is a priceless addition to your paycheck.


There are numerous companies which are looking for customer opinions such as Swagbucks

and MySurvey. These sites reward people, those who are enthusiastic to spend some time to

answers questions about their shopping experience on a particular online store. Those vouchers

or opinion points can be redeemed on shopping sites, or cash directly into your PayPal ID. This

way one can’t make big bucks, but still, a great way to make use of your spare time to earn a lit

bit of money. You can roughly earn 30$ a month if you opt for this route.

Ubber Drier

Ubber is world’s fast growing cab service and best alternative to public transport in metro

cities. Just need a car in running state, and a driver’s license to apply for the post of an ubber

driver. As ubber is a fast growing business, you can look ahead to a lot of work from them. At

the moment, the earning is around 20$ an hour.

Pet sitting

Are you a dog lover? Why? Because this is the first requirement to become a pet sitter, not

from the side of the client, but is crucial to love what you are doing! Many owners are ready to

shell out cash to keep their dog safe and secure, while they are out on a vacation. This way you

make money even by taking a dog out for a walk or schooling a few vital dog commands. Isn’t

that great! An average pay for this job is around $18 per visit.


If you have teaching skills and good command over major schooling subjects like mathematics,

Physics, Chemistry, etc. Then tutoring could be a great fit. You can tutor high schools kids for

their annual exams; there are also plenty of adults in their mid-thirties, who need tuitions for

the preparation of competitive exams.

If you’re Fluent in another language, you can tutor people, who are aspiring to settle in a

foreign land. You can make up to 70$ an hour by schooling, depending upon your experience

and skill set.

Personal chef

Have you tried hands on cooking? And, are you good at that? Yes! Today’s busy working

individual often hires a good chef at home. All you need to do is come to their kitchenette,

prepare a tasty healthy meal, and leave the prepared food for them to heat up when they get

back home. A Personal chef can take home around $25 to $35 an hour.


This idea is not everyone’s cup of tea, even though; it is an effortless means to make money.

Airbnb, a website allows house owners to offer their rooms as accommodation for travelers,

students, or working individuals. It’s a great way to use unoccupied space of your house to

make yourself some cash. Rentals start out at approximately $90 per night, which can go up if

you get good reviews, or your accommodation is in a city center area.


Are you an inspiring fashion designer? One of the best ways of making that skill count is by

designing clothes for the site like Redbubble. This online trade site sells shirts, jeans, bags, and

even art prints. The great thing is that you just provide the artwork, and this site sells the items

on which your art is printed on. Payment is not a hitch, as you will get your commission on what

you sell, but you need to make $20, before the company will release payment to you.

Virtual assistance

A manager is always a great help to businessman, who find it hard to keep their schedules in

order. Credit to the internet, you don’t have to be anywhere near your client in order to

become a virtual organizer. You can make up to $30 an hour doing this.

At last,

The first rule of the part-time job is that there’s always a job that someone is ready to pay

somebody else to do. Find out here your skills lie, apply to the job posting offline and online to

make use of your spare time.

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