What If You Could See Inequality, Part 2

Posted by Nickolay Lamm in Finance on 3rd October 2013

The American Dream suggests that if you work hard, you'll achieve it. However, the landscape to achieve that Dream is not as fair and equal as some may suggest. 

Wealth distribution in Boston.

Wealth distribution in Chicago.

Wealth distribution in Miami.

Wealth distribution in San Francisco.

Wealth distribution in Los Angeles.

The height of the 3D bar graphs corresponds to the net worth map found here:


If one section had a net worth of $500,000, the height of the 3D bar shape for that section was 5 cm. If once section had a net worth of $112,000, the height for that section was 1.12 cm. For some sections, we grouped the average height of the sections, and made one larger bar graph that encompassed multiple areas.
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