Is Buying in Bulk worth it? Four Problems to Consider

Why do we buy in bulk?

After paying your debts and housing interests, household items and daily necessities are the major chunks of your monthly expenses. And, the rising inflation is forcing your monthly expenditure to reach new heights with every passing year. Most of us want to save money on your daily necessities bills and buying in bulk is a method which many families attempt to reduce these expenses. Yes, you will be benefited by getting certain items at a lower price by going this way, but they are some flaws which cannot be neglected and four of them are discussed below-

Four Problems to Consider-Pen Down

Base value neglect- A marketing gimmick

Have you ever noticed that at most daily store outlets the prices of products are marked per piece (or any other parameter) instead of a full box price? So, that their customers can compare brands and choose the best bet for them. On the other hand, without this, you can become a victim of base value neglect, a technique or ploys used by marketers to entice customers to buy in bulk.

The Base value neglect occurs when a buyer fails to break down the cost per item, based on items per carton, weight or volume. This is a common problem you have to face if you like to shop from traders -having a big warehouse. Consumers lose money on the prospection that a super-sized pack will always better than value pack. Cost comparison in these stores is tedious, which most of you will look to avoid. Moreover, the wholesalers’ outlets usually have limited brands and size to buy from.

These stores reinforce this neglect by making you feel that you are their “exclusive member”.  The store greeter will always ask you for your membership card before allowing you to enter, even though the card is required at the billing counter. And, all these are a psychological trick to attract customers.

What’s the solution to this problem-?

Take some time to calculate the cost of the good you are about to buy in its unit size, to do a fair price comparison between different brands. Also, make yourself aware of the price of that good in any standard grocery store. In some cases, a smaller size value pack of an item at a grocery store in your vicinity is cheaper than at the warehouse store. Price-per-unit is king.

Overbuying- You are fault 

Many consumers report that they tend to buy more than intended at warehouse outlets. There are many reasons for it- lack of a list, walking into the mall empty stomach, the sales effect, and not having proper inventory in your kitchen.

What’s the solution to this problem -?

Before leaving your house for grocery buying, make a proper list based on a meal plan, discuss with your family members- they like and dislikes. Eat before entering a grocery store because many tend to buy certain edibles in hunger. Keep this in mind, and be aware of the psychological triggers like empty cart, frees samples, sales, etc. Remember these are tricks created by top marketers. And, the only way to beat them is to know and face them. Lastly, don’t do a bulk buy everything at once unless you have an enormous bankroll.

Waste of food- A global problem

If you are buying a gallon jug of peanut butter, then there are chances that it will be spoiled due to the lack of storage or, your family will get bored of having it. In both cases, unfortunately, you have to throw away some portion of the product you bought in bulk (thinking that you have cracked a deal that the time of buying) Ensure that you have adequate storage space before you buy goods in bulk.

What’s the solution to this problem -?

The solution is: For perishable food items always look for value pack and, if you want to buy that in bulk, then take care that you don’t buy more than your household consumers weekly or monthly. Another method to prevent waste is to split items with your friend or relatives (if possible)

Your  warehouse membership- Can be a problem for you

Before you sign for a warehouse house membership, give a careful consideration to know, is having a warehouse membership fruitful for you or not? If you decide to become an exclusive member, realize that true saving is not meet just by entering a warehouse outlet. It requires careful cost comparison and calculation. If you are not an organized buyer, you may fall into any of above traps and this way your membership is not likely to pay off. Don’t ever get convinced by sales boys or girls, who are there to sell products.

What’s the solution to this problem -?

Note down the household items that you use frequently, and you can get a better deal on them at a   warehouse in comparison to any standard grocery outlet. Carefully plan your shopping list so, that you consistently buy these goods from the warehouse club. And, lastly, check the saving you made monthly, or even weekly.

Last words of advice,

There is a fine line between buying in bulk and overbuying which you should never be crossed. Bulk buying is not impulse buying, but overbuying is. Make sure that you buy products that you actually need and not just what you like. A well executed bulk purchase of an item can save a lot of money, in the other scenario may lead to unnecessary waste of time and money.

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