Cheap Wedding Gift Ideas to Keep your Budget Intact

You are in your early twenties, struggling to pay off your education loan and looking for a dream job.

Maybe you are living in a metropolitan city and just trying to meet your daily needs? Sound familiar?

Now is the wedding season! Suddenly, your offline or online mailbox pop’s up with a wedding invitation;

at first, you might feel happy for your friend, who is embarking on matrimonial journey, but like the

helium balloon, your happiness will also go in the air “disappear” because a wedding invitation means a

costly wedding gift. Your already skeletal bank account cannot bear this!

The question which might revolve in your mind is how to show love and affection without going into


A wedding photo frame

A personalized photo frame is a unique and an heirloom gift to offer to the bride and groom to keep

their wedding moments intact. The personalized wedding albums include the name of the couple, date,

time, and other personal data. It is a perfect memento to be cherished for many years to come by, for

the happy couple. You can easily get one for some 20 to 30 $ (depending upon on your budget).

Miniature Zen Garden

You must have heard of Feng Shui, and how arranging your house according to the East Asian laws can

bring joy and happiness in the life. Anyone can offer a vase, but a miniature Zen garden is something

special. The bride and groom will remember you whenever they look at your present, you will be on

their topic of conversation for many days.

Wine glass set

For the couples, those who love to drink together will be pleased to receive a fancy wine glass set to add

to their home bar. Pick one made out of crystal, having unique handcrafting. This gift will not make your

bank balance to reach your bank’s minimum balance limit. The bride and groom will be delighted by this

gift of yours on their next anniversary (when are reliving their special moments over a bottle of


Thank You Cards

When the couple gets back home from a happy honeymoon, normally, they will have a lot of thank you

notes to write. Help them out by gifting them a letterpress card set. The bride and groom will thankful to

you for this amazing “out of the ordinary” gift.

Basket massage

In addition to its healing properties, the massage is a great way to show your care for the person

concerned. Happy relationships are built for the lifetime with such gesture of affection. Drive to your

favorite massage store, and pick a few bottles of lotions and oils. You can also add a massage book to

the massage gift package.

Menu book

Food is not only a necessity of life, but also happens to be a human’s most delightful affair. So, offer a

few top cook books which cover a number of delectable cuisines of the world, from Spanish to French,

food is tasty everywhere. The bride and groom will appreciate your efforts of giving a practical gift,

whenever they will chose a dish from your recipe book for supper.

House cleaning gift

Cleaning and maintaining your house is indispensable to create a hygienic and a healthy environment to

live in. Help the couple get back to their normal life after the mega wedding event with a house cleaning

kit. They can do the cleaning work before leaving for honeymoon and enjoy coming home to a clean

house. Or, they will utilize your gift after un-wrapping the last gift to create some space to keep these


Selfie stick

A newlywed couple is sure to spend some selfie time together immediately after the marriage and

during their honeymoon. But, it is not easy to take pictures while you are traveling with your family.

Save the couple from requesting strangers to click their photographs. There are numerous selfie sticks

available in the market; you can grab some to offer as a gift.

Regardless of what you finalize to give, always remember that a thoughtful wedding gift is the most

remembered gift, instead of one picked keeping the price tag in mind. Don’t empty your bank balance;

give them from your heart.

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