Cheap Wedding Ideas that Don’t Feel Cheap

The era of the extravagant wedding ceremonies are over, now it’s time for the budget bride. The budget

wedding ceremony cut corners and crunch numbers, wherever they can. But, to your good fortune, cut

corners might not show on the wedding day, if you are a smart planner.

Below are some ways to organize a wedding ceremony which will be budget conscious and equally


Decorate on a dime

When selecting flowers for the bouquets, choose which are in season. And, when the mega event is over

decorate your house with these bouquets. Place them on the center table, guest room, entrance door,

and the windows.

Borrow Things

Get out of hitch that borrowing something from a known is a bad practice. Ask your relatives, friends or

neighbors for items which you need for a day. The company organizing your wedding event probably has

plenty of home décor items roaming around, candlelight stand, and decoration items, borrow these (for

free) for a day or two. You can also ask a couple you know who has recently wedded or organized a big

event. Even, if you have to get them on rent, it still is better than buying new.

Plan in advance

You can also get your wedding decorations at throwaway prices if you pick them during the offseason of

the weddings. Many stores offer special discounts and deals on wedding decor during the winter, so, be

sharp get more than you deserve.

Less number of invitees

Your wedding day is a special day in your life, so, why don’t you share it with your friends and relatives?

Of course, many invitations are sent to please your parents and bride, that it’s still your day. Invite

people with whom you share a good relationship, instead of calling everyone you know. As fewer people

means less money spent on the wedding day, but the bash is more.

Bride Dress

As a bride, you probably have a vision of your dream wedding dress. Having vision is not a problem; but

you should let it burn your hard earned cash, either. You can find a plenty of gorgeous bride grown

online at discounted prices as compared to your local shopping malls. And, most probably you will get a

dress at a steal without sacrificing on style.

Cook your food

If your finance family has some good cooks, if so, contact a chef to help you to cater the mega wedding

day. Preparing food at home will cut your wedding expenses in half.

But, not everyone has the luxury of preparing own food, through; in that case, contact a local

economical restaurant to cater the wedding day.

One location

Most wedding planners will advise you to choose one location for the wedding function and another one

for the reception, but that comes at a cost. Instead, slash your wedding budget by finalizing one space

for both the event. Moreover, you can bargain to crack the best deal.

If you want to marry in a church, no problem, see if there’s a near banquet hall around, to host the after

wedding function.


Many bride and groom want live music to accompany them as float down the aisle, but professional

musicians charge a lot. Call a local musical institution see, if there is a student ready to play and sing a

song or two at the ceremony. They are in school to learn and follow their passion, so probably they will

say yes without asking you for money (or a pocket money).

Say no to DJ’s

Save bucks by playing the music of your choice on an i-pod, you just need the right speaker to set the

mood right. Create your own wedding list on a laptop, iPod, or any other device.

Think out of the box

It is not a law anywhere that one should hold the wedding ceremony only in a banquet hall. In fact, you

can choose a place which doesn’t host massive parties, like the government community hall, museum,

parks, etc. You can book them a lower price. Unique photos will be an added bonus.

Save Bucks on a Tux

Bride dress is not the only place to cut corners. Grooms, you don’t need to buy the most expensive tuxes

for your special day. Renting them is a cost effective option, if outfit really matters to you. One extra

saving idea is to wear a nice skirt and just ensure that you have a matching bow tie.

Don’t use the word wedding

Telling the shoppers and the merchants that you are buying items for your wedding day can mean that

they will hike the price of their product and services. Be vague when asking for price, say you need meal

for 100 odd people for a corporate gathering. Once you have the estimates, you can disclose your plan

with them.

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