How to get the best deals on online shopping

Online shopping in the last few years has become very popular, and especially among the tech-savvy millennial’s. For them, online buying is great because now they don’t have to stand in queues with fellow shoppers, find goods in the shopping malls and most importantly, don’t have to carry heavy shopping bags. After all, what’s better than shopping from the comfort of your home, having millions of options to choose from and then get it delivered right at your door steps? Online shopping has brought the best brands and retailers from all over the world, just at the click of a button. Plus, you get amazing deals and discounts from e- commerce sites when you shop online.

Some tricks to get the best deals on your online buying’s- Every smart shopper must look into

Let’s walk you through!

Leave items in your shopping cart-

It is a new trendy trick proposed by many internet experts, according to this trick visit an e-commerce website, register yourself as a customer on that very site, then put one or two items in the shopping cart and lastly, close the browser without logging out. Now, you are done with your task. Wait for one or two days to get a special mind-blowing deal, promo code, discount, etc message in your inbox to tip the purchase.

Take advantage of facebook and twitter- Go social

Most e-commerce companies announce their special offers, sale on their Facebook page and twitter accounts. So, regularly visit social media pages of prominent e-commerce companies in your delivery zone. Follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook. Moreover, you can also play contests run by these websites as a part of brand promotion and avail some great deals on your favorite products.

Don’t get driven away by “free shipping”

There are many online listed trade websites which lure their customers by including the term “free shipping” in their digital marketing campaign. But, beware of them as they increase the actual price of the goods, so, visit two or three sites and compare them to find the best available deal.

Bookmark your favorite brands or websites

If you are a brand loyalist or you are a shopper who buys online from top ecommerce sites, then bookmark some online shopping websites to receive deals, coupon code and discounts as notifications on your browser.

Stand out in the crowd- Take advantage of Google

Most online shoppers love to buy from sites that appear on the first page on the Google via a search query entered by the user. Now this is the time to stand out in the crowd go ahead visit website links on the third and fourth page, as there may be a site which is offering the product you want to buy at the lowest price, but fail to receive many shoppers due to poor digital marketing strategy or not enough marketing budget.

Explore the sale section of trade websites


A lot of e-commerce sites have sale section for sale enthusiast shoppers. Check their sale section to find something that is great on pricing and quality. And, if the sale has products you are in look for, then it will be an ideal situation for you. The items on sale are usually marked at throw away prices “low prices” and are usually worth buying, if purchased carefully. Plus, most of the e-commerce sites also feature “deals of the day”. This section includes special deals on some specific products for 24 hours. If you are lucky enough, you might find that expensive handbag you have been meaning to buy on sale.

Take advantage of festive season

E-commerce sites literally offer steal-worthy deals during festive seasons. Like Cyber Mondays & Black Fridays… Did that ring a bell? You can find the best deals on almost every product especially electronic, during this time of the year. But you need to be really quick in grabbing the deal. Things get sold out pretty fast at such huge discounts, you know! Apart from that on Thanksgiving online stores offer discounts, customers are really thankful about. Don’t forget to add you intended buys to your shopping cart and take advantage of Thanksgiving sales.

Use Price comparison sites

There are numerous sites, which are devoted to help you get the lowest price on a certain product. These sites compare prices of the same product on hundreds of different websites and then offer the best results. You can take advantage of these sites and get the best deals on the product or service you are looking to buy.


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