Are Infomercial Products really worth the costs?

Do you always reach out for your TV Remote all day long on weekends, times when you feel hard to close your eyes at night? Say yes, because most of us are fairly like this. What are your thoughts on the infomercials which are there to accompany you while you are watching your favorite TV show? Do you think that they are the best thing to watch when one is about to sleep?

Catchy and interesting
Today, infomercials are made catchy and interesting to lure consumers, the viewers, to buy something or the other. They have to be good to get into the minds of the TV addicted flocks. The basic principle of an infomercial is dramatizing a problem, which is never going to happen with you ever in your life, and then giving a solution which is their “product”.

After that infomercial is over, our mind is left wondering with many popup like is this whether this product worth a try? Where can I get this? And, the answer to these queries is one choice “Yes” or “No” (you have to answer that).

Why buying products from Infomercials is a bad idea?

Let’s know why?

Shipping cost
Firstly, the handling and the shipping costs of the product sold via television are on the higher side and in most cases, one step better than the true worth of the product. If you think or (someone recommended) that the product is good, visit your local brick motor outlet or shopping mall to grab that.

Excellent product marketing
The products depicted by the Infomercials shown on TV are usually no way near reality, excellent camera work, and editing make them appear adoring to the eyes to of everyone, who gets in direct eyes contact with it. Have you ever thought why a company will give 70% discount (take an example) for placing an order in the next five minutes? These are all traps to raise the levels of dopamine in the brains of their potential customers, and force them to make an impulse buy. The solution to this problem is calmness; wait for twenty minutes, when the levels of dopamine in your brain get back to normal. Then, ask yourself whether this deal is good or not? In most scenarios, the probable (true) answer you will get is a big “NO”. In other case, if you still feel that the product is worth buying, without any doubt, go ahead with it.

Mathematical trick
These guys selling products via infomercials are really math smart; they usually set the selling price of their product something like 10.95$ instead of a round figure, and this sends a wrong signal to your brain that the product is really cheap under your budget (11$) as the shopping mall in your vicinity will list be straightforward 11$. These all are mathematical tricks to lure consumers to make a purchase.

Products are not worth their prices
The products that you will get from the infomercials are normally overcharged because of the marketing expenses these companies put in to sell their product. For example, they will start a sale like two jeans for $20, but the quality will be not up to the mark.

Infomercial is not the only convenient method to shop
Never agree with marketers saying that Infomercial buying is the best and the most convenient way to shop. With the advent of the internet, you can also get great deals and amazing offer on the e-commerce sites selling their products in the virtual world of the internet. Moreover, you can also get discounts through coupon codes issued to their customers by these websites.

Some exceptional infomercial products which may consider-
Here are top a list of top ten best-selling infomercial products as given by

Let’s know the best in the business
• Snuggle, the company which manufactures blanket with sleeves has earned $440 million through infomercial marketing.
• Proactiv has annual revenue of $1 billion.
• Thighmaster made $100n million via infomercial marketing
• Total sales of Ped egg is approx $400 million
• Total sales of $1.2 billion are achieved by Showtime Rotisserie
• Bowflex has annual revenue of $193.9 million
• George Foreman, the company makes $202 million annually
• Total sales of Total Gym is $1 billion
• Revenue of $400 million is what P90X makes yearly
• Richmond Simmons with Sweatin to the Oldies made $200 million approx

Budget comes first
Making a wise choice within the budget is a bit tricky task. Like, if you are losing weight, then you have to be wise in your eating habits to get back in shape. If you are trying to save money for the bright future of your kids and for paying off your debts, in that case, never allow these infomercials to get onto you. Don’t push your plan to go into disarray! Don’t pay attention to the video in which a guy says he loosed 10 kg of his weight in two weeks, the only thing he is making you lose is your precious hard earned money.

Final advice,
Don’t fall in the trap, set by the short video shown on Television to sell products. Pick up the remote and change the channel to be safe, than sorry.

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