If you have a junk car lying quietly collecting dust (getting dirty looks from your neighbors) in one corner of the parking lot of your apartment building, and you have no plans to get it on-road, then why don’t you turn it into cash.

Sounds great! And, if that very vehicle is your primary mode of personal transportation, then it may be especially important to get some cash to help you to buy a new four (or two wheeler) as per your requirement. The other case, if it’s your spare vehicle; even then also it is a great idea to dispatch it off instead of paying the insurance premium or other fees.

Yes, off course selling or trading your vehicle is not a new thing, but there are some creative options available at your helm, ready to offer greater worth for your old clunker.

Here are some of the best ways to turn your old car into cash11Sell in parts- If you have time
If your car is in really bad condition and the cost of repairing is beyond your reach, then parting it out is the only and the best option available (to get something out of nothing). However, there are a number of roadblocks before you get a handsome sum of cash in your hands. Firstly, you require a mechanical expertise, you just can‘t do it with a hammer. There are many firms which offer this service, taking their help is the only option. Secondly, you need labor (lots of it) and time (even more of it).

For this step, you just have to take essential parts out from your Junker, take their photograph and sell them via the newspaper ad or through online sites like the eBay. And, then wait for the customer to call you to finalize a deal. Or, if you don’t have time on your side, then you should sell them to a car dealer.

Lastly, before taking this route, consult a garage owner to know whether the parts of your car are in demand or not, to avoid unnecessary loss of money and precious time.

Junk your car22If you feel parting your car is not your cup of tea, then junking it is the best bet for you if your car is a dead machine. The worth you get totally depends on upon the brand you choose and the credentials of your cars. Some car manufacturer companies also offer a healthy discount on your next car purchase while others advertise a flat price like 200$for any car, any model. These companies also offer free pick-up service.

The Third party sells
This is a new trend which is very popular nowadays. In this trade model, the owner has the hand of his (or her) car to a third party (probably a car dealer) who will sell your car on your behalf. You just have to name a price range to get some positive potential buyers offers before dispatching your car. The car consignment company will charge you a fee, but this method of selling a car has to potential to offer you offer maximum worth for your old car. They can also help you to consign a car which is on the bank loan.

Sell it direct buyers
The best method! Try to sell your car to an individual, because an end-user will buy your car for the purpose of running on the road and not for profit. Moreover, by selling it directly, you don’t have to pay any commission to the middleman. But, if the above method doesn’t work, then without any hesitation sell it via a car dealer.

Steps you have to take to sell your car to a guanine buyer:
Determine the approximate worth of your old car
Gather all the paper of the car
Take some nice photograph
‘Create ad and post on various sell-buy sites and in the newspaper
Screen potential car buyer
And, lastly, Sign the buyer-seller agreement, and free yourself from that junkyard.

If your car is in working condition- rent it out
If you live in a metropolitan city, then rent out your car by following all the renting rules and regulation of your state, but the car has to be in an excellent car condition. So, that you don’t put others life at threat.

save money on your car

Donate your car
There are numerous benefits which you get by donating your old clunker. First of all, your junk occupies a large space in your shed (or yard), making your yard look cluttered and disorganized. By getting rid of it, you end up creating some captivity for planting flowers (or other beautifying ways). In addition to this, you get a tax deduction which is also another way to save money with Your Old Car. The condition of the donated car determines the amount of tax deduction.

Now, the main reason why donating your car is the best option, it’s simple you feel good to do something for the vulnerable section of the society. Therefore, there is no need to rest your old car in the shed, give to someone who values it.

Start a business with your car
Well, this really an innovative option, you can start a business with a car like a moving junk food corner. But, it is not simple as it seems, you have to get numerous clearances from your state government to get this project up and running, nonetheless an option worth considering.

Final thought,
Last, but the least if your junk car is resting in peace in front of your eyesight (offering no worth), then it is not the time to think, but the moment to act. Broke it, junk it, sell it, do whatever to dispatch it off.


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