Sustainable Living Practices that save You Money

Following green practices might seem a costly change, but it can save money in many ways without much effort. From your coffee cup to drying your clothes, you will be surprised to know how easy it is to be good and save money, simultaneously.

Here are some ways to save money with sustainable practices-

Let’s save money and the environment!

Clothes drying rack- an alternative to electric dryers

Investing in drying rack is not only a sustainable practice but also saves electricity and the electricity saved is the money earned. Drying your clothes in a modern dryer for 45 minutes will cost you 40 cent per load in electricity. And, if you using an apartment cloth dryer, you’ll have to pay a few dollars to get you clothes dried-up.

The Cloth drying rack is easy to use and maintain, best for daily use. Nature has given you everything, the sun’s heat to dry up your clothes and wind to make your clothes smell wonderful. Just make sure that the cloth line is not under the tree to avoid debris falling on the cloth or to become the home of birds.

Commutate by bike- save money

Everyone (not exactly) on this planet is blessed with the gift of good legs. So, why don’t you use it? Let’s say you are fortunate enough to have your workplace within 10 kilometers from your home location. If that’s the case, commute by bike, no parking hassles, and bills. A bike can save $4.75 a day, according to a report published by Kiplinger’s commuting calculator. It is a healthy and an environmental-friendly option, and if you choose this route, then why pay for a gym membership?

Homemade detergent

Put an end to the non-biodegradable packaging done by your laundry powder by making homemade detergent.  All you need is washing soda, borax, shaved bar soap to make a laundry powder in no time. Going this lane will cost you just 3 to five cents a load, which is around 25% of what you have to market detergents.

Do your dishes by hand

Washing dishes immediately after a meal in a dishwasher is not an eco-friendly and money saving option.  As the number of dishes, surely will be less you do by hand to save electricity and more importantly, water. But, the will to save both money and electricity should be there.

Say no to disposable coffee cup

The disposable coffee cups used by coffee shops are convenient, but carrying your own reusable mug will limit wastage to some extinct (a contribution from your side). Moreover, some shop gives discounts to customers, who carry their own coffee cup or extra ml of coffee. Offices are also guilty of wasting , so keep a nondisposable cup on your office desk, and start a following.

Compost bins- an innovative idea

Are you into gardening? Then Composting is the best alternative to the pesticides, the fertilizers, and water disposal. The waste for composting not just comes from home, but from yard clippings, fireplace ashes, also.

Save electricity for the future generation

Devices and appliances which run on electricity are usually kept “on” unnecessarily from the start of the day to the bedtime. Change this habit and know how to switch “off”. Do you that Americans use 22.5 percent of world’s energy and they are ones who waste 61 to 86 percent of it?

Cloth diapers are cheaper and eco-friendly

Cutting down waste starts from home and from your little one, use reusable diapers instead of use and throw stuff.  Cloth diapers are normally cheaper than modern diapers. A baby goes through 8,000 diapers according to Environmental Protection Agency.

Yard sale is the way to dispose of your unwanted goods

To get junk and unnecessary goods out of your house with some cash in hand can only be achieved by a yard sale.  You also sell your old stuff on top second-hand consumer goods sites such as eBay. But, somehow if there are no takers of things you have put on sale, and are in good shape, try donating them to a cause. Donations such as furniture, books are tax deductible, so you can save and clear waste at the same time. Likewise, going for second-hand products are cheaper.

Recycle is the key to save the earth

Recycle is not a new thing, but still, we don’t understand its meaning and importance! There a lot of things which can be recycled are thrown out. Only 20% of glass is recycled while other is goes into dump yard, and only 9% of plastic is disposed of properly according to National Environment Agency. These figures can be improved by recycling products at home. No matter how you live, you can save a lot of money by reducing your bin size.

By putting in place the above-mentioned energy saving practices, you can save the mother earth and your wallet.  So, start a following!

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