Ways to Save Money on a Date Night Sitter

Day nights are the heartbeat of a married life, a happy married life. Day nights provide couple the opportunity to get one-on-one without intrusions, understand each other- likes and dislikes. When you have kids getting time alone and the freedom the talk to your partner is nonexistent, unless you plan for a day night.

For those, who are money minded and on a budget, for them, day nights are an expensive affair and, especially if you have to pay for babysitting services along with your date expenses.

The marriage projects after doing a fair study claims that couples, who engage in fun activities such as dancing, hiking, and games have a healthy relationship, before the entry of a little one in their life. Time together is vital!

Here are some ways to save money on a date night sitter

Ask your family to take care of your little-dear one
If you live with your family or near to their location, request them to take care of your kid when you are planning for a day night. Most grandparents will take this as an opportunity to play with their grandkids, to bring some joy back to their lives. And, often demand nothing for this.

Check out local gyms in your area that offer kids’ night out
There are many gyms which offer kids night out within budget, cheaper than what you have to pay for the babysitting services. Add to that, drinks, games, craft activities, your kid will enjoy this and will have fun memories of his or her own.

Look for teenage babysitter
Many schools in higher classes offer CPR classes and teach babysitting lessons to teens as a vocational course. Once they have learned how to deal with naughty kids, they start to working as babysitters to earn pocket money. The teenager babysitters normally quote half a price to that of a professional babysitter because they are doing it for fun and not just for money.

Day night trading
This is an innovative idea to save money! Contact a family you know for years, ask them to take care of your child when you are for out a day night, and in return, take care of their kids when they plan one. This way both can have free and the best childcare which you normally don’t expect for a babysitter. It’s a win-win situation for both!

Stay at home
If you really can’t afford to burn a hole in your pocket by hiring a babysitter for a day, then it’s best to stay at home. How to enjoy a special couple time? Just put your kids to bed, get one-on-one.

A walk in the park
You don’t have to step out of your town (or to visit the place of your dreams), to have quality time together. Go for a walk in the park during the earlier hours of the morning when your little one is sleeping. Don’t forget to get the baby monitor to track what he or she is doing.

Theater at home
Grab a big bucket of popcorn along with a bottle of scrumptious wine, and enjoy a romantic movie after your kids go to bed, dim the lights and lock the door! Sometimes, relaxation and quietness can bring husband and wife together which is hard to get when kids are around.

Cook the meal together
Even if your kids are at home, you can still try this day-night idea. Get your baby to sit in front of his or her favorite cartoon show, and head to the kitchen for a romantic cooking time. Grab ingredients and a bottle of wine, the food you cooked might not be the best, but the time spent surely will! Dim kitchen lighting is ideal to spread love and romance in the air.

See the star
Grab a blanket and head straight to the terrace when your kids are their dreams. Watch the moon and the stars; feel the ambience of calmness!

Watch the sunset together
Nothing will be more romantic than watching the sunset fade on the horizon; whiskey will add the kiss of joy to the whole environment.

A day-night jar
Create a day-night jar and ask your partner to put ideas in it whenever he or she finds something new on the internet or any other source. Pull out a random idea from the jar, and go for it!

Let’s move out,
Most of the time having day night, when you don’t want to hire a babysitter revolves around scheduling your kids sleep, mainly. Be creative, unique, and innovative in your thinking to find new ways to enjoy a special time with your partner.

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