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The MyPillow is the only pillow officially recognized by the National Sleep Thanks to a unique combination of open-celled poly-foam pieces and a special resin additive, the pillow adjusts to consistently support the head, shoulders, and neck in any sleep Research has shown users of the pillow reach a deeper, more productive sleep faster than people using other The design is also non-allergenic, washable and dryable, and resists infiltration by dust mites, making it inherently cleaner than most pillows on the market as With MyPillow promo codes and discounts available, you're sure to be able to receive all this while paying even Customers looking to purchase the MyPillow today have quite a few options, from singles to multi-packs, each with its own variations on the original core As for shopping, you can visit hundreds of MyPillow outlets, retail stores carrying the MyPillow, trade shows, or go online with a promo The original pillow isn't the only product available with **My Pillow coupons today, Additional bedding and sleep-aide items such as sheets, pillow cases, mattress toppers, and cushions can be purchased using the same ingenuity and design You can even purchase pet pillows

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The leading product of the MyPillow brand has changed quite a few lives and earned quite a reputation over the years—much of the companies early success can be attributed to positive attention from notable One of the most enthusiastic supporters of the MyPillow has been Imus in the Morning, which maintains a special promotional offer to let people try the pillow and see what it's like for Browse the most up to date discount codes and deals with MyDeals to make sure you don't miss out on any money saving Why suffer a sore neck and insomnia when a simple change of pillow, courtesy of a **promo code, can make all the difference—with incredible savings?

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